FARMERS' HELPER Golden Egg Nugget Treat

Farmers’ Helper™ Golden Egg Nugget™ Treat. A treat that your chicken will love while supporting normal avian health!

• Quality ingredients that birds find attractive and tasty like oats, pomegranate, peanuts, and black cumin seed oil.

• High-quality animal protein in the form of crab meal.

• Flavored with spices including turmeric, oregano, fenugreek, and cinnamon.

Recommended usage: Golden Egg Nugget™ Treat (per bird)

• Lay Hens chicken: 1-4 per day

• Lay Hens coturnix: 1 per day

• Breeding stock chickens: 4-6 per day

• Breeding stock pheasants: 4-8 per day

• Breeding stock peafowl and subtropical pheasants: 6-8 per day

For intermittent feeding only, not a complete feed.

Specially Formulated for Poultry and Game Bird Hens such as Chickens, Turkeys, Pheasants, Quail, Ducks, and Geese. Especially useful for first time layers and molting hens.