FARMERS' HELPER UltraKibble is for all Mixed Poultry Flocks and Heirloom Chicken Breeds

Farmers’ Helper UltraKibble™ Specially Formulated for Premium Poultry and Game Bird flocks such as Chickens, Turkeys, Peafowl, Guinea Fowl, Geese, Pheasants, and Ducks.

• Supports Normal Avian Health

• Ready and Easy to Use with Minimal Waste

• Simulates Natural Foraging

Farmers’ Helper™ UltraKibble™ is used to improve the sustainable practices of Small Farmers, Backyard Hobbyists, Aviculturists, and others who keep flocks of valuable fowl by supporting normal avian health with minimal waste. Our manufacturing process gelatinizes starches which reduces dust levels and waste that arise from feed rations. Farmers’ Helper™ UltraKibble™ is a treat for domestic fowl raised for eggs and protein, backyard pets, and captive wild species kept for enjoyment and increased quality of life. Mix with your favorite maintenance feed for a treat your birds will love!

Farmers’ Helper™ UltraKibble™ contains:

• High-quality protein in the form of fish meal, salmon meal, and dried peas.

• A source of dietary fiber and trace minerals in the form of salmon meal, as well as dried vegetables including: carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress, and spinach.

For intermittent feeding only, not a complete feed.