FARMERS' HELPER HotCake. A treat that your chicken will love while supporting normal avian health!

• Quality ingredients like oats, peanuts, mangos, and flax seed.

• High-quality animal protein in the form of crab meal.

• Flavored with spices including red pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, and fenugreek.

• Supports Normal Avian Health

• Ready and Easy to Use with Minimal Waste

• Simulates Natural Foraging

Farmers’ Helper™ HotCake™ treats are designed to support normal avian health with minimal waste. Chickens will forage on the HotCake™ for hours.

Instructions: Remove from package and place in feeding area. This product may be left out all day. One HotCake™ per 4 chickens, per week.

For intermittent feeding only, not a complete feed. Make certain that you keep the HotCake™ Treat away from any heat source.