Squirrel Feeding


Squirrels... You either love them and enjoy their activities, or hate them when they destroy your wild bird feeders. These Squirrel Feeding products provide hours of entertainment for the whole family, while protecting your bird feeders!

Until recently, ear corn was the only option a consumer really had for squirrel feeding. A look at ear corn itself tells the story. For the cost of 25 to 50 cents an ear you get the following:
Little food value;
Corn kernel is basically wasted (because squirrels only eat the heart);
Most kernels are not eaten, but stored by squirrels.

This is why revolutionary Sweet Corn Squirrelogs were developed and produced with 100% ground Sweet Corn. This patented product is 100% consumable, more economical, easier to use and remains on the feeders resulting in more entertainment. One Squirrelog replaces 12 - 24 ears of corn!